Disputed Debts

What does it mean to dispute a debt?

If you find yourself in a situation where you genuinely believe that you do not owe a particular debt, it is within your rights to demand that the creditor validates the debt before they can continue their collection efforts. Here’s what you need to know:

  • You have the right to request debt validation from the creditor if you dispute the existence or accuracy of the debt.
  • This request can be made at any time during the debt collection process.
  • Upon receiving your request for debt validation, the creditor or collection agency has a maximum of 30 days to respond.
  • Within this timeframe, they must provide sufficient evidence to validate the debt and prove its legitimacy.
  • If the creditor or collection agency fails to provide proper validation within the 30-day period, they are legally required to strike the debt from your credit history.
  • Removing the debt from your credit history can have a positive impact on your overall credit score and financial standing.
  • If you believe that your rights have been violated by a creditor or collection agency in their attempt to collect a debt, we are here to help.
  • Our experienced team specializes in consumer protection law and can assess your case, provide guidance, and take appropriate legal action to safeguard your rights.

By exercising your right to demand debt validation, you can ensure that you are not held accountable for debts that you genuinely dispute. Should you encounter any violations or face difficulties in the debt validation process, our firm is ready to provide the necessary legal support. Contact us today to protect your rights and find resolution in your disputed debt matter.

Assert your rights and demand debt validation to ensure accuracy and fairness in debt collection—our team is here to help you navigate the process and protect your financial well-being.
Disputed Debts