Debt Resolution

Attainable Solutions to Hardship

At CLG our attorneys and staff have made it their professional mission to help client find real, practical and attainable solutions to their financial hardships. 

The transfer of debt is a large vibrant industry with many “players”. These include original creditors, debt-buyers, collection agencies, attorneys, debtors and more. Understanding the roles and objectives of each is critical in evaluating both the judicial and non-judicial sides of debt collection and remedies. 

Our attorneys and staff make it a mission to understand the various strategies and legal defenses for dealing with financial distress and aggressive collectors. 

CLG can help take the stress out of creditor collection and be an advocate for you in dealing with creditors both when negotiating a resolution is appropriate and when litigation is necessary. 

Creditors who have overstepped can be held liable. Enforcing your rights can lead to the complete elimination of your debt, and potential economic recovery to you. 

Our dedicated attorneys and staff are committed to providing practical solutions to financial hardships, navigating the complexities of debt collection, and advocating for our clients to enforce their rights, leading to potential debt elimination and economic recovery.

Debt Resolution